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Ministers', Deacons' and Trustees' Ministries

Ministers' Ministry

Pastor Darren C. Allen

Minister James Johnson

Minister Brenda Rodgers


Deacons' Ministry

Johnny Jackson, Chairman & Treasurer

Ricky (Charlesetta) Johnson

Drew B. (Deidra) McElrath

Former & Current Deacons: Ricky Johnson, James Johnson, *John H. (Johnny) Jackson, Tyrone Boulden, *Lawrence Cooper, Drew B. McElrath, Essie McElrath, *Otis McElrath, John McElrath, Jr., *John H. Johnson, *Oscar L. Wilson, Jack Boyd, Robert V. Bruton, Freeman Simon, Austin Branch. *- denotes former chairmen


Trustees' Ministry

Johnny Smith, Chairman

Loudelia C. Branch, Clerk

Eric Cook

Brenda Johnson

Minister James Johnson

Melza B. McElrath, Fin. Secretary ex-officio

Vanessa R. Nalls

Brenda Woods-Rodgers, Asst. Fin. Secretary


Ministers' & Deacons' Wives Ministry 

Lady Zay Allen

Isaree Breeding

Brenda Johnson

Charlesetta Johnson

Deidra McElrath

Melza B. McElrath



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"Connecting Lost Souls and Living Saints with a Loving Savior...through the CROSS!" II Corinthians 5:17-19


Mailing Address:   Post Office Box 156 . 45 Columbus Street, East .

Cordova, Alabama 35550 .Telephone:  (205) 483-1426 


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