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  • Big Idea Fun - This site comes to you straight from Big Idea Productions, where we're also hard at work bringing you VeggieTales, 3-2-1 Penguins! and Larryboy movies, videos, books, music and more. Like many of you, we believe that too much of today's popular media is having a negative impact on kids' values and behaviors -- in effect making your job as a parent harder. We further believe, though, that media filled with the values and lessons of the Bible can have an equally positive impact, supporting, rather than undermining, your parenting.
  • Chistian Answers for Kids - A website of, this page is designed to empower kids and parents with information and reviews of games, movies, etc. It offers a Christian worldview and helps gain insight and answers to life's questions.
  •  - Dedicated to helping children's leaders share the gospel with children in age-appropriate and engaging ways. Designed to provide age-appropriate mission activity ideas for children that will lead in their making missions a lifestyle.
  • One 2 Believe - The mission of One2Believe is to help parents and Christian educators develop an atmosphere where spiritual discovery can take place. By creating an atmosphere where children become fascinated with Bible stories, their inquisitive nature about spiritual things can be sparked and nurtured.
  • Reverend Fun - 
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